VALUED AT $3,000



Win 5 nights @ the InterContinental Danang, Vietnam!

Holiday Date Competition: - Winner is picked on the 30th of April 17

Have you ever wanted to ask someone on a date, publically? Maybe it's your spouse, a Tinder-friend, your boss...whoever.
1. Think of someone special you'd like to go with and invite him/her to this group:

2. Create a post, tag and nicely ask that person if they would like to go on this holiday date with you and why they should.

3. Be creative, you can post a video blog, use photos, tell us a story, be romantic... They must say yes to your invitation in order for you to be in the running for this competition, obviously!

Important bits to know:
1. The Prize is for accommodation only and you must go before the end of July 2017.
2. Peter Bloomfield​ will pick a winner by the end of April 2017 and his decision is final.