Cambodia, Asia

Mysterious ruins of ancient temples, traditions that hint at surprising connections to other major civilizations and the unbreakable spirit that still keeps the people going strong despite adversities – all of these come to mind when you think of Cambodia.

Steeped in tradition and mysticism yet modern and progressive, the Kingdom’s capital city Phnom Penh has rightfully made its place as a visit-worthy spot for travelers who would typically head straight to Angkor. That’s not all these Southeast Asian destination offers. Battambang, Cambodia’s second-largest city, is yet1 another good place to visit with its unique French architecture and tranquil riverside establishments. The gateway to the ancient temple cities, Siem Reap, is a popular addition to sight-seeing itineraries and so is Kampot if you are looking for beach-side spots.

There is much to do and see in Cambodia and a good way to cover it all is to do your research before you start on your vacation.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Cambodian society is that individuals are always secondary to the groups they belong to. That is, the people traditionally put their family, their society and their country ahead of their own needs.

For foreigners in Cambodia, etiquette is a very critical aspect of brushing up on before heading out here. Causing offense to others inadvertently or deliberately can cause serious problems and it is very important to avoid embarrassing or criticizing others, especially in public. On the other hand, complimenting someone in public on their hospitality is a simple way to add to their honor and show them respect or appreciation.

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