Transportation in Macau, Macau

Traffic is very organized here in Macau and using the public transport system is actually a very efficient way to get around in this island. There are quite a substantial number of one way roads so you might get confused very quickly and very easily if you try to make your own way to sightseeing spots in Macau. Both Transmac and TCM, the public bus and mini bus operators cover all the major stops on the island including hotels, restaurants and sightseeing spots. The buses do not have conductors so it is important for you to have the change for bus fare ready at hand and to ask the driver to let you know when your stop comes by. The buses run as far as the adjoining islands of Taipa and Coloane so if you want to take in these islands you can do so using the public transport system. If you prefer a more private mode of transport just hop onto one of the 1200 taxi cars here or flag down a sightseeing vehicle.



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