About Melaka, Malaysia

Steeped in cultural traditions, this charming city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich trading history and multicultural heritage.

Melaka is a rewarding town to explore and is about two hours from Kuala Lumpur and three and a half hours from Singapore. Many busses leave daily towards Melaka from the main bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur and the international airport.

Back in the 15th century, Melaka was one of Southeast Asia’s greatest trading ports. Today visitors flock here to experience its bustling weekend night market, a booming food and art scene, and its heritage architecture. The rest of the state is a patchwork of forests, farmland and deserted beaches.

A walking tour is a great way to get introduced to the city and see its major attractions and many historical sites on foot. Visit attractions around town including A’Famosa, the Dutch Square, the ruins of St. Paul’s Church and a few Chinese temples dotted throughout the city. Visitors can learn more about Melaka and its residents at the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, the first private museum in Malaysia. The house where the museum resides was rebuilt in 1896, and it is beautifully decorated with items from around the world.

The Melaka River cruise is another great way to see the sights of Melaka at a leisurely pace. The river was the main artery of trade for Melaka in its heyday when it was bustling with traders from all around the world. Some buildings from that era still stand by the river, which is also lined by old villages, or kampungs, and modern day buildings.

Accommodation ranges from upmarket hotels, to hostels, and quaint guesthouses.


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Casa Del Rio
Right by the idyllic Melaka River, offering sweeping views of the straights, immerse yourself in the old world charms of this colonial city at Casa del Rio. This boutique hotel showcases the variety of cultural i... View More »


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