Perak, Malaysia

Perak is a state in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia.

If you enjoy food, Perak will not disappoint. Here you can enjoy many cuisines derived from the multiple ethnic groups that inhabit the region. There are restaurants along nearly every street and fresh seafood plentiful.

Other places of interest include Sam Poh Tong, a huge Buddhist cave temple decorated with wall paintings. On the Kampar River sits the town of Gopeng that is the ideal base for water rafting activities. The resort island of Pulau Pangkor, off the west coast, is approximately 85 kilometres from Ipoh and features forested hills and the remains of a 17th-century Dutch fort. This popular island has beautiful, uncrowded beaches and is dotted with small fishing villages. Its abundance of seafood restaurants also makes it a great place to visit.

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People & Culture

People in Palau Palau is divided into 16 states with an individual clan system where Ngerulmud on the island of Babeldaob is Palau’s capital and…

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Things to do in Palau

Shopping in Palau Koror offers a selection of modern shopping facilities in Palau. Locally handicrafts can be found at markets and gift shops and storyboards,…

Palau’s Cuisine

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How to get to Palau

Going To Palau Flights to Palau land at Airai, or Palau International Airport, which serves direct flights from Babeldaob to Guam, Seoul, Taipei and Manila.…