Sabah, Malaysia

Situated on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah is one of the thirteen states of Malaysia.

It is the second largest state in Malaysia and shares the island of Borneo with Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Kalimantan.

Sabah is richly blessed with nature’s diversity, unique cultures, fun adventures, beautiful beaches, and fantastic cuisines for the adventurous tastebuds.

From the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia, to one of the highest mountains is Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu, and one of the world’s top dive sites, Sipadan Island, Sabah has it all.

Not only will you be amazed by the places to see and things to do here, you will also be treated with unique Sabahan hospitality. Explore the unique culture and tradition of Sabah and get ready to experience memories that will last a lifetime.

Traditionally, Sabah’s economy was lumber dependent. However, with the increasing depletion of natural forests as well as ecological efforts to conserve the rainforest, palm oil has proven to be a more sustainable resource. Sabah also exports other agricultural products including rubber, cocoa, vegetables and seafood. Tourism, particularly ecotourism, is presently the second largest contributor to the economy.

In the downtown area, you can get around quite easily on foot between hotels, restaurants, tour operators, markets, and the tourism office. For longer trips, taxis are readily available.

Just 24 kilometres from Tawau town is Tawau Hills Park with sprawling grounds, lush green foliage and a sparkling river. It is a popular destination for visitors who want to experience nature at its best. Enjoy the rich vegetation of the park that changes as the altitude increases. There are plenty of hiking trails with some leading to a hot spring area and waterfalls.

For a rich, cultural experience visit the Linangkit Cultural Village in Tuaran and meet the Lotud people, one of the 32 diverse ethnic groups in Sabah.

Situated in Kampung Selupoh, approximately an hour’s drive away from the heart of Kota Kinabalu, the Linangkit Cultural village offers an indepth look into the social and cultural heritage of the Lotud people.

The choice of accommodations in Sabah is endless. Sabah offers five-star resorts with the latest amenities and facilities to comfortable lodgings for the budget conscious.

They all feature Sabah’s common aspect of warm hospitality. Signature championship golf courses surrounded by serene vistas, a world-class marina for sailing enthusiasts, and endless island accommodations are just few reasons that will ensure that every moment of your holiday is lively and fun filled.

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Explore Sabah

Poring Hot Spring, Sabah, Borneo Malaysia

The most popular destination is Mount Kinabalu, which is often the primary reason why tourists visit Sabah. The state has several natural attractions to offer, which include the Kinabalu National Park (a world heritage site), Sipadan National Park, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Poring Hot Springs and the Danum Valley.

Sabah’s Cuisine

chili crab

The flavorful cuisine of Sabah packs in the mixed influence of Malay, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Thai, Indonesian and other Asian cuisines. The street food has Western influences as well, making Sabah a great place to eat for tourists from around the world. Food is in fact, a major attraction in Sabah and must not be ignored.

Activities in Sabah

Sabah Mountain Climbing Malaysia

Sabah ensures that you have plenty of things left to do even after having visited the major tourist attractions. Activities such as paragliding (Lohan Hill and Kokol), camping (Lohan Hill and Tunku Abdel Rahman Island Park), snorkeling (Sipadan, Layang Layang and Mabul), white-water rafting (alongside Kiulu and Padas rivers) and venturing into the jungles from camps located around the Batu Punggul area and Kinabatangan River are just some of the several things you can enjoy. North Borneo Steam Railway, which operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the Sabah Jungle Railway, which operates daily, offer some other great things families can enjoy together.