Philippines, Asia

Surrounded by the Celebes sea, South China Sea, Sulu Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines has over 7100 islands that lay slightly off the overland route in Southeast Asia. Metro Manila is the capital of the country, and is also one of the top tourist spots. Other big cities in the country include Cebu, Davao City, Palawan, Borocay and Baguio. While the rest of the world may know it for its mail-order brides and domestic helpers, that barely graces the true essence of Philippines. Its rich culture, sun-kissed beaches and warm hospitality has earned the title of being one of the world’s friendliest countries.

Another tourist hotspot is Tagaytay that is home to the crater-lake Taal, with a Volcano at the center. Viigan which is declared as a World Heritage site by the UNSECO is also worth a visit. If you want to go diving, stop by Puerto Galera. The location also gives you trekking opportunities in the jungles where many tribals reside. Palawan is popular amongst scuba divers, with most of them choosing the world war wreck location to go scuba diving. Mount Apo has been deemed as a tough climb by even experienced mountaineers, and is also the tallest mountain around here.

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