Capital of the Krabi Province, Krabi is a sea-facing town situated along the west coast of Southern Thailand. Located at the mouth of Krabi River, the town is a major tourist destination because of its pristine white beaches, steep cliffs, deep caves, low-lying forests, expansive national parks, exotic wildlife, vibrant nightlife and more. An interesting fact about Krabi is its long history as a site of continued human settlement. There is evidence to suggest that the town has been home to Homo Sapiens since 25,000 BCE to 35,000 BCE.

Islands and beaches are among the main attractions in Krabi. The destination also spoils you for choice when it comes to food, entertainment and more.

Exploring Krabi

Popular destinations include Phra Nang Beach, Poda Island, Railay Beach and Viewpoint, Tup Island and Phi Phi Islands. In addition, here are six family-friendly places to explore:

The Tiger Cave Temple or locally known as Wat Tham Sua is a temple complex with natural maze-like caves where monks live and pray. Susan Hoi is a shell cemetery with fossilized shells from 75 million years ago.

Krabi’s Cuisine

The local cuisine is marked by the heavy use of aromatic herbs and spices that make individual dishes look and smell as good as they taste. Try the seafood from Seafood Street and head to The Hilltop for fancy dining. The street food in Krabi is one of the best in the world and you can find every famous Thai dish to serve your taste buds.

Activities in Krabi

There are several family activities in Krabi. The most popular among which include elephant trekking, island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing or simply relaxing by the beach at sunset. The town doesnโ€™t disappoint shopping enthusiasts either and youโ€™ll be pleased to know that Krabiโ€™s retail scene is as vibrant as its food scene.