Central Vietnam, Vietnam

A destination featuring various ancient historical sites, the most spectacular beach in the country and some lip-smacking Vietnamese cuisine, Central Vietnam is definitely a must visit for travelers from all over the world.

Central Vietnam is full of tourist attractions. There is plenty to see, from World Heritage Sites such as Imperial Hué, Hoi An and My Son to the beach and cosmopolitan shopping destinations and China Beach.

Majority of the travelers visiting Vietnam flock to Hoi An and Hue and these are a ‘must see’ on their list of sights. But you must take your time to explore each of these places, particularly Hoi An which at times almost makes you feel like you’re in Disneyland.

Explore Danang

Danang is the fastest changing region in Central Vietnam. For several decades, it has been a local backwater. However, it is undergoing a lot of changes quite rapidly. While walking along the Han riverfront, you will notice stunning new contemporary hotels, restaurants and apartments coming up.


vietnam danang premier village danang resort in villa bbq

The Hue Imperial dishes might be dominating the Central Vietnamese cuisine, but there is still quite a lot to discover with regards to the food in Central Vietnam. The cuisine of Central Vietnam is spicy and strongly flavored and very different from the food of the North, which is primarily influenced by the Chinese cuisine.

Some of the most popular dishes of Central Vietnam include Banh Ep, which appear like tiny balls of dough in the uncooked form with barbecued pork bits. A griddle is used to flatten them and the dish is accompanied with some fried shallots and fresh scallions before serving.

Sight-seeing in Central Vietnam

Visitors have a lot of options for sight-seeing in Central Vietnam. You must visit the Tan Ky House which was constructed two centuries back by an indigenous Vietnamese family. This spectacular house, surviving seven generations, is extremely well-maintained and reflects elements of Chinese and Japanese architecture on the exterior.