Hawaii’s holiday destination appeal is largely formed by its natural beauty, boasting white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush scenery, active volcanoes and a sunny tropical climate all year round upon this breathtaking archipelago of 132 islands.

5,200km to the west of America, Hawaii consists of tiny atolls – the peaks of partially-submerged volcanoes – connected in a chain that extends almost to Japan from the centre of the North Pacific Ocean. In fact, America’s 50th state has 11 of the world’s 13 climatic zones – and that’s just one of the many contrasts and surprises this scenic paradise has to offer.

Once dependent on the whaling, sugar and pineapple trades, its economy is largely driven by tourism and military activities. Tourists, surfers and scientists alike flock to Hawaii with its unique North American and Asian influences.

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Hawaiian People & Culture

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People in Hawaii

Since first native Polynesian arrived between the fourth and fifth century, Hawaii’s population has grown to about 1.4 million.

There is a diverse mix of ethnicities, ranging from White Americans, Asians, natives, African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos to

Things to do in Hawaii

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Shopping in Hawaii

With their special, refreshing fragrances, locally made shower bath & body products like body lotions, oils and soaps made from Hawaiian ingredients make for great souvenirs from your holiday trip to Hawaii. Also exclusive to Hawaii are sandals, bags and wall ornaents made

Hawaii’s Cuisine

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Going To Hawaii

Many airlines, including low-cost carriers, have non-stop flights to Honolulu from most major airports in the United States. The island of Oahu is where most US and international flights land in Honolulu. You will need to book an inter-island flight if you’d like to go to a

Hawaii’s Culture & Night Life

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Hawaiian Food

Just like the language and culture, Hawaiian food is a fusion of native flavours and cooking techniques in a mixing pot of the various foreign influences that have historically impacted Hawaii. Many restaurants in Hawaii offer Asian and continental food while fresh produce

Activities in Hawaii

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The island is full of shopping malls, so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. You can buy international brands as well as local garments like aloha shirts and skirts, as well as a number of locally made accessories and trinkets. There are waterfront marketplaces and flea markets if you wish to go shopping without going away from the beaches. There are also some themed contemporary retail malls and galleries that you should check out while in Oahu.