Kosrae is an island state in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). It was occupied by many countries in the past like Germany and Japan and in 1945, USA took charge of the Micronesia. In 1986, US stopped administering the four islands of Kosrae, Chuuk, Yap and Pohnpei and they became part of the sovereign nation of FSM.

Kosrae is a beautiful island with breathtaking beaches, clear Pacific waters, citrus trees, palms, flowers, mangroves and coral reefs. It is a place steeped in natural beauty and history and this combination makes it an ideal vacation spot for families with children.

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Exploring Kosrae

Kosrae Strand

Visit Kosrae for its ecotourism, culture and history. Explore the ruins of Menke and Lelu for an amazing experience. Menke ruins consist of basalt walls and platforms for religious practices. It is site of worship of the Goddess Singlaku. Lelu ruins are a remnant of Kosraeโ€™s architectural prowess evident as early as the 15th century.

Kids will love to hike the Mt. Finkol trail, which requires at least eight hours and a tour guide. See the mangroves in the James Palsis and the Utwe-Walung marine parks. Go to the Wiya Bird Cave to see the home of the swiftlets of the island. A visit to YELA Ka Forest is a must. It is the only island in the world with tree species of Terminalia Carolinses. Other places of interest are the clam farm, the Sipyen waterfall and of course the beaches of Kosrae. The beaches are stretches of silver sand and offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Kosrae’s Cuisine

Micronesia Kosrae Hiking

Kosrae has many hotels and restaurants offering great food of different varieties. Try Bullyโ€™s restaurant for some excellent seafood. Inum is the place to taste great international and local flavors where there is a different menu every night. Other places to eat are the Awane and the Nautilus restaurants.

Activities in Kosrae

micronesia kosrae kosrae village diving

Kosrae is every diving loverโ€™s dream come true. There are more than 50 incredible dive sites on the island. Experience the marine life in the region such as eagle rays, sharks and barracuda. Go to Hiroshi Point to see coral reefs, parrot fish, squids and reef sharks. Shark Island is a great spot for night diving. Go see the remnants of a sunken pirate ship at the Leonora, Utwe Harbor. For different varieties of fish, turtles and some incredible marine life unique to the region, head over Walung Drop-Off. The current at these places can be rough, so pay attention to children and always dive with a trained instructor.