Marshall Islands

The Republic of Marshall Islands, or simply, the Marshall Islands is a group of five isolated islands and 29 atolls, located in the Pacific Ocean. It is an island country, which is geographically a part of Micronesia – a larger group of islands in the Pacific. The Marshall Islands is located just west of the International Date Line, near the equator.

Majuro, the largest and the most populous atoll of the group, serves as the capital of the country. The Kwajalein Atoll is a famous battleground from the World War II. Enewetak and Bikini Atolls are former nuclear test sites used by the U.S. military. The official languages are Marshallese and English and the official currency is the American dollar.

Exploring Marshall Islands

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The Majuro Atoll, comprising 53 islets, is the most beautiful and important (politically, economically and transport-wise) constituent of the Marshall Islands. It has been named the “Pearl of the Pacific” and offers several pristine white beaches (in Laura, the far west of the atoll) and several stunning landscapes and prolific deep-sea finishing activities (in Amo Atoll).

Marshall Island’s Cuisine

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Once known as one of the “fishiest” places in the world (“fishy” being a reference to the island’s overabundance of different varieties of fishes), Marshall Islands continuous to impress with its seafood-based cuisine to this day. This is despite the fact that the waters around Marshall Islands have reduced in quality and healthy aquatic life over the years due to overfishing as well as the destruction of sea animals’ natural habitat.

Activities in Marshall Islands

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Apart from exploring the spectacular geography and geology of the Marshall Islands and partaking in activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing, there are several other activities to enjoy as well. Guided military and WWII tours will interest the war and history buffs. So will the Alele Museum and Public Library, which showcases the history of the Marshallese culture. The museum, which is located next to the courthouse in Uliga, has several well-preserved tools and artifacts depicting how the early islanders lived.

About Marshall Islands

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Throughout the Marshall Islands there are many choices for hotel or bed and breakfast accommodations. On Majuro you will discover a range of hotels with a variety of services and rooms.There are also many exciting opportunities to experience the outer islands and distant atolls and to meet the people of the Marshall Islands.

Air Marshall Islands (AMI), the national airline, provides transportation between the atolls and islands of the Marshall Islands.