Carp Island Resort & Palau Diving Centre

Handmade resort. Homemade service. Home Style Accommodation.


Carp Island Resort is a locally owned dive resort situated on a private island in Peleliu, southern Palau, the perfect escape, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This spectacular oasis is well known for its star-shaped island surrounded by white sand and clear blue waters with an abundant marine life.

Witness its beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets as you immerse yourself in island life. Discover a unique hideaway with cottages built steps from the ocean in a traditional design offering modern conveniences and sea views for divers and eco-conscious customers.

Carp Island Resort’s seaside cottages are ideal for families, situated just a few steps away from the beach with a sliding glass door that opens to panoramic views of the ocean and facing the beautiful island of Peleliu.

The sunrise cottages offer bungalow-style accommodation ideal for guests seeking a relaxing and peaceful retreat. Both seaside cottage and sunrise cottages offer private showers and toilet.

The Dive House cottage is a dormitory type selection of cottages built with two single beds, perfect for divers and eco-conscious travelers.

Enjoy meals at the restaurant overlooking the fascinating ocean serving fresh fish, sashimi, fruits and organic vegetables harvested from the resort’s very own farm.


The resort is located just 15-minutes away from exceptional dive sites including the famous and world renowned Blue Corner, Blue Hole dive sites as well as remarkable drop-offs and historical wrecks.

Carp Island Resort also offers various tour activities including excursions to Rock Islands, Jelly Fish Lake, Milky Way, plus snorkeling, kayaking and fishing. Explore the tropical forest surrounds and discover huge banyan trees, taro patches, bat caves and Yapese stone money remains.

Combining your diving with a refreshing stay at Carp Island Resort means you can spend more time diving and less time traveling to remote diving spots. This rustic resort is perfect for divers and non-divers seeking a tropical resort with both island-style accommodation and services. Carp Island Resort is your home-away-from-home.