This is the largest island in the Eastern Caroline Group and the capital of the FSM. It fits the typical South Sea island image with lush vegetation, abundant rainfall, and tumbling waterfalls. Unlike other Micronesian islands, it has tropical jungles, mist-covered mountains, one of the healthiest mangrove swamps and exotic flora in the Pacific.

Pohnpei’s Story

Micronesia POHNPEI Hotel Waterfall

Situated in the northwestern Pacific, it is 880 metres high, 21 kilometres wide and shaped somewhat like a circular tent. Also known as the garden island of Micronesia, its boldest landmarks are Sokehs Rock and Nan Madol.

Nan Madol is an ancient stone city built on the tidal flats of the eastern part of Pohnpei. There are approximately 100 artificial islets constructed of basalt logs of various sizes up to 70 tons each – making Nan Madol the largest and one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the Pacific.

Exploring Pohnpei

Micronesia POHNPEI Resorts

Nan Madol is reached by boat from the main town of Kolonia about 45 minutes away. It’s a full day boat tour which includes a visit to the spectacular Keprohi Waterfall and snorkelling in the lagoon.

A 20–minute ride out of Kolonia takes you to the Nanpil River where further along are the spectacular Liduduhniap Twin Waterfalls, complete with thatched huts where you can picnic in a jungle setting.

Activities in Pohnpei

Micronesia Pohnpei Holiday

A visit to the Pohnpeian cultural centres is a must for anyone wishing to experience traditional Pohnpeian life. Each centre has a distinctive program and performances include traditional dancing, singing, music, ceremonial sakau making, handicraft arts, and food preparation. The village shops specialise in handicrafts and popular items include carvings of sharks, fish, dolphins and canoes.

Accommodation in Pohnpei

Micronesia POHNPEI Resorts

Accommodation is in both traditional Pohnpeian thatched roofed bungalows with garden showers, and Western-style hotels. There is no public transport, only taxis and rental cars, but most hotels offer shuttle services. Tourist facilities are clean and the service is friendly.

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