Yap is an island in the Federated States of Micronesia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. It is believed that its settlement began in the years 1500 B.C. by the people from present-day Indonesia and the southern Philippines. A Portuguese explorer by the name of Diego da Rocha is credited to have discovered the island in 1525. Subsequently, it was occupied by Spain, Germany and later the Japanese. Today it counts the USA as its close ally. English is a known language in Yap but they still maintain their indigenous way of life. It consists of four main islands with Colonia as its capital.

Explore Yap

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Yap is an ideal destination for families with kids as there is plenty to do and see here. It is well known destination for diving and experiencing the rich marine life of the Pacific such as the trevallys, mandarin fish and nudibranchs. In fact, people especially come to Yap to swim with the manta rays. The coral reef in the region is also a delight for snorkelers.

Famous Yap’s Cuisine

There are several restaurants in Yap serving traditional and international cuisines. Manta Ray Bar and Grill is the most famous of all for its location as it is situated atop a schooner. Most restaurants in Yap are in the capital Colonia. Juhnโ€™s Oasis Restaurant serves American and Filipino delicacies and also delicious baked goods. Ganir Restaurant is the place to enjoy some local flavors.

Unforgetable Yap’s Activities

The dancing and clubbing in Yap is confined to resorts and hotels. But there is plenty to do in Yap other than such indoor activities. There are many organized activities for kids such as Kids Sea Camp (28h June to 5th July). Family packages include marine life conservation lectures, scuba diving lessons, cultural trips and the likes. Every year on the 1st of March, islanders celebrate Yap Day, which can be a feast for kids and families as it is a big cultural extravaganza. In June, they celebrate Homecoming and in November, there is a Canoe festival.