Madang and Lae

Madang is a town on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. It has, over the years, become popular for being laid back and is renowned for being one of the most beautiful towns in all of South Pacific. The town has a population of about 30,000 people in the backdrop of stunning highlands and a beautiful highway. The town is well connected to the rest of the country by road, ferries, and flights. It has a spectacular coastline, amazing places to eat, drink and explore, making it an ideal tropical getaway.


One of the absolute must do the thing in Madang is scuba diving. It has one of the most popular diving sites in the world. If history interests you, there is a WWII airfield site with well-preserved bombers and a Coastwatchers Memorial who died helping military bombers and ships near the Madang coast.

You can also do a tour of the neighboring villages to get a taste of authentic local rural life, people, and food. The locals are a little shy but extremely friendly and welcoming towards travelers. You can also look for village homestays to feel like a true village in a tropical paradise. There are a few tiny islands close to the coast that you can make a day trip to.


Though Madang might not have a wide choice of restaurants, every hotel, without fail, has at least one restaurant on the property and there are a couple of really good restaurants in town that serve mostly local and Asian cuisines. You can also hop over to the islandโ€™s Golf Club where it is open for visitors for a few hours every day for a good meal and drinks. Look out for small shops along the streets that sell local varieties of fast food.

Seafood is the best thing to have because you will get to eat some of the freshest produce you have ever eaten. Shellfish is a local favorite and specialty. Vegetables and fruits are almost all locally grown in the highlands and coastal belts where the soil are extremely fertile.


Despite the tourism, Madang is not a tourist town, which means there are very few places that sell anything, especially for tourists. The town has a weekend market, which mostly sells locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables. Some stalls sell trinkets and t-shirts at times, but you will not have a lot of variety to choose from.

Madang Lodge and Madang Resort which have their own craft and souvenir shops are your best bet for shopping in the town. These shops are well stocked with beautiful locally made trinkets and art.

If you are going for village tours, ensure to ask the villagers or your local guide about shopping. Many villages are known for pottery and you might be able to buy some really nice pottery items.

If you are looking to simply relax, head to one of the many stunning beaches along the coastline and or around the town. You can laze around on the beach, go for a swim or engage in scuba diving and other water activities.