Trans Niugini Tours

Trans Niugini Tours is a tour operator that not only arranges a multitude of tours to the islands of Papua New Guinea but also owns a range of their own accommodation. Their accommodation offerings are mainly wilderness lodges that are located in different islands of this country where you can, in addition to experiencing the natural wonders that Papua New Guinea has to offer, experience the local culture and traditions of its people. Trans Niugini Tours also own aircraft, boats, and other vehicles that are used to ferry people between the various islands of Papua New Guinea.


papua new guinea the islands trans niugini tours aerial viewThere are a total of six different wilderness lodges. Ambua Lodge is located at an altitude of 7000 feet in the Doma Peaks of the Southern Highlands Province. In the Western Province, there are two lodges: the Lake Murray lodge which overlooks Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea’s largest lake, and the Bensbach Wildlife Lodge. The London Ridge in Kubor Range is at an altitude of 7100 feet and is located in the Western Highlands Province.

Near the north coast in Madang, on the shores of the Bismark Sea, is the Malolo Plantation Lodge. Karawari Lodge lies in the East Sepik Province and stands on a ridge that is 300 meters above the Karawari river. All of the lodges offer rooms with ensuite bathrooms, twin or double bedding, fans or air conditioners, and despite being in very remote areas, offer electricity throughout the day. In most cases, the rooms are made from materials available locally.


papua new guinea the islands trans niugini tours restaurantAs almost all of the wilderness lodges of Trans Niugini Tours are located in very remote locations of Papua New Guinea, each of them sports its own restaurant and bar, which is very well stocked and are usually in a separate building that is connected to the accommodation facilities of the lodges. Guests are treated to a variety of local dishes made with fresh ingredients and in some locations that do not host any other inhabitants, that is the only option that guests have.

For example, in the Bensbach Wildlife Lodge, the dinner includes dishes made from venison caught by local hunters and freshly caught local fish called Bensbach Barramundi. In the Lake Murray Lodge, it grows a large garden that provides fresh fruit and vegetables for the kitchen staff to use in preparation for meals; the kitchen staff also use fresh catch from the lake and the meals are prepared on outdoor grills and wood fired stove.


papua new guinea the islands trans niugini tours sepik spiritThere are no shortage of activities to partake in when you stay with Trans Niugini Tours in their wilderness lodges. There won’t be shopping or trips to spas, but you can immerse yourself in nature and in the culture of Papua New Guinea. One of the activities that you can partake in is a 3 night or a 4-night voyage through Papua New Guinea’s waterways by means of The Sepik Spirit.

The Karawari Lodge, Ambua Lodge a Malolo Plantation Lodge though remote but they are still near places that are inhabited by the local people. One can go on cultural tours to nearby villages and experience the local life. Other activities that one can engage in include birding, fishing, nature walks, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving, though not all activities are available in all lodges.


The Independent State of Papua New Guinea, a nation steeped in culture of very diverse natures, is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Entry port for the nation is the Jackson International Airport, which is located in Port Moresby. One can get around between the islands by airplanes operated by Air Niugini or by means of one of the planes in the fleet of Trans Niugini Tours itself. Some of the wilderness lodges of Trans Niugini Tours are accessible only by their own fleet, others by Air Niugini and some can be accessed by road as well.

The major attractions of this nation are the local culture, the largely undisturbed nature and the many festivals that take place at different times of the year like the Alotau Kenu and Kundu festival, the Tumbuna festival, the Sing-Sing festivals held at Mt. Hagen shows and the Goroka shows.