Until a few years ago, Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands was besieged by sectarian violence but not anymore. Now, Guadalcanal (the town that is located on this island, which is also the largest) is largely peaceful and has begun attracting tourists in large numbers.

Guadalcanal island is known for its fabulous diving spots and World War 2 sites. To reach Honiara, you will have to take a car from Henderson International Airport, which is just 12 km away from the town and is easily accessible from Kukum Highway. The best way to reach Honiara for Western tourists is by flight from Brisbane.

Historical of Honiara

Honiara may look like a dusty old town at first glance but if you look closer, you will see that it contains a number of tourist attractions. The mountains around the town were the scene of fierce fighting between the Japanese and Allied forces during World War 2. Some of the sites are well preserved and have become tourist magnets.

Shopping in Honiara

Shopping in Honiara is confined to traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. NPF Plaza, close to the museum is a good place to buy these products. Some shops near the Mendana Hotel sell woven baskets. Wooden handicrafts are sold near Rain Tree Cafe. You can also get the items from Central Market, traders from all over the island come here to sell their wares.

Honiara’s Cuisine

Fish is the most popular main item in the Solomon Islands and it is the same in Honiara. It is usually served with rice, sweet potatoes, taro, cassava and vegetables. Some popular dishes are ulu (made from breadfruit and served with other dishes) and Poi (made from taro roots and usually served during a celebration).