The best diving spots in Fiji

Regarded by many as one of the best diving spots in the world, there’s no denying the unprecedented underwater beauty of Fiji. From plunging down to the depths of sharks to capturing the enchantment of 10,000 square kilometres of coral reefs, Fiji certainly has a lot to offer both beginners and advanced divers.


The Fijian archipelago boasts a magical underwater world of thriving marine life including five out of seven species of turtle, as many as twelve different species of sharks, as well as a colourful array of tropical fish and of course, the beautiful corals.

To help you organise your Fijan diving trip, we’ve collated some of the best diving spots throughout the islands. From caves, walls, caverns and soft coral reefs to shark dives and night dives, there’s an experience for everyone.

1. Mantaray Island


This wouldn’t be a definitive list of the best diving spots in Fiji if it weren’t to include Mantaray Island, located in the Yasawa Islands.

From May to October, this diving spot becomes densely populated with… you guessed it, the majestic manta ray. Great for beginners, snorkelers can access this site by walking off the beach where you are immediately on top of the Mantaray House Reef, home to over 200 species of colourful marine life. For diving, it’s recommended to walk to the end of the resort and flow with the current north or south, so you’re able to experience everything the site has to offer. You can even take a boat out further from the island to explore some more of Fiji’s spellbinding diving spots with a highly experienced SSI dive team for the more adventurous divers out there.

What’s on offer:

  • Shark dive with black tip, white tip, grey reef sharks and bull sharks
  • Freediving courses
  • Scuba diving and gain open water dive certificate
  • Manta dive
  • Night dives
  • 23 to 30 degrees celsius

If you’re basing your trip on navigating between the Yasawa Islands, Yasawa Island Resort & Spa is a heavenly choice. Exclusive and beautifully remote, it’s a private paradise with amazing access to everything the islands have to offer, plus, there are plenty of scheduled activities, trips and tours already included in the package.

2. Shark Reef, Beqa Lagoon


If you wish to explore the fascinating underwater habitats of sharks then the main island of Viti Levu, home to the Coral Coast, will place you within touching distance of these amazing animals. For the adrenaline seekers, there are several sites here where you can dive down deep, including the amazing shark feed dive at Shark Reef in Pacific Harbour’s Beqa Lagoon. Since the area is protected from illegal fishing, you’ll find an underwater realm blossoming with marine life, including eight species of shark and clear and calm waters all year round.

Whilst not for the faint-hearted, shark dives are perfectly safe, with the many feeding sites here sticking to strict feeding times and using a protective coral wall, as well as using signals and body language that has been put into practice for decades.

The guides of the dive take divers down to approximately 5-30m throughout the shark feed, where you’ll see whitetip, blacktip, grey reef, bull and tiger sharks as they tuck in for their lunch.

What’s on offer:

  • Intermediate – advanced diving site
  • Eight species of shark
  • 5-30m depth
  • 25 to 29 degrees celsius
  • there are plenty of scheduled activities, trips and tours already included in the package.

3. Mamanucas


Located off of Viti Levu’s west coast, the volcanic Mamanucas offer their fair share of Fijian activities, cultural delights and excursions for every member of the family. For those seeking more of an adventurous getaway, there are plenty of dive sites for both novice and advanced divers, with excellent visibility and considerably warm temperatures.

Namotu Wall

Brimming with schools of colourful fish, turtles and reef sharks, this dive site is perched on the edge of a 1000m drop off on the outer barrier reef. Due to the plunge, it is best reserved for experienced divers and offers an abundance of marine life and colourful photo opportunities.


Castaway Passage

Setting itself apart from the other dive sites in Fiji, the Castaway Passage is unique in its position, set at a break in the Barrier Reef, allowing large volumes of water to flow through, offering a continuous scene of marine life, including manta rays, sharks, marlin and other pelagic fish. It is said to play host to the unexpected!


Salamanda Shipwreck

Be transported back in time with a dive down to the depths of the SS Salamanda, a shipwreck measuring 40 metres that is now covered with anemones and soft corals. Be patient and you might see the crabs or shrimps come out from their hiding place for a glamorous photo or two. This is perfect for divers who like to capture atmospheric photos within the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

What’s on offer:

  • Calm dive sites for novice divers
  • Numerous passages on the outer edges of the lagoon for advanced divers
  • 9-30m depth
  • 25 to 29 degrees celsius

Staying at Lomani Island Resort allows you to enjoy diving tours with Subsurface Fiji, a multi-award-winning, 5-star PADI diving company. Earn your certification or take your first underwater dive — whatever your level, the resort will organise dive trips to 44 dive sites throughout the Mamanuca Islands. The waters around the Lomani Island Resort offers the perfect calm and blissful environment from which to learn to scuba dive, as well as close proximity to the deeper, more adventurous waters for experienced divers.

4. Outer Navula Barrier Reef


Proving less revered than its Fijian sisters, the Navula Barrier Reef nonetheless offers a wide variety of dive sites including wall dives, swim-throughs, caves, canyons and idyllic coral reefs. Headed up by the Scuba Bula Dive Centre, there are a range of sites catering for beginners as well as those with a larger number of dives under their belt.


The North Reef Fish Wonders

Offering a diving depth of 5-16 metres this site is perfect for beginners, photographers and those seeking a mesmerising night dive. Divers can expect an abundance of soft corals, an eighteenth-century anchor as well as large schools of red snappers and white tip reef sharks.



Fame for its amazing surf, this site also offers a great diving spot, Cloudbreak Wall, at a depth of 22 metres. Taken by the current, it offers a perfectly surreal yet relaxing drift dive along a hard coral wall covered in beautiful fan corals, notably offering divers a fantastic scene of turtles, eagle rays, manta rays and whale sharks.


The Rainbow Cascade

This site really is as magical as it sounds. At a depth of 30 metres, scuba dive down to a kaleidoscope of multicoloured soft corals hanging from the wall. This dive site is highly recommended for advanced divers as it does include a swim-through which exits mid way down a sheer wall. It’s definitely worth it for the abundance of marine life that serenade this dive experience.

What’s on offer:

  • Wide variety of diving sites from wall dives to caverns and swim-throughs
  • Depths from 5-16m to 50-54 metres
  • 24 to 30 degrees celsius

The Fiji Marriott Resort at Momi Bay offers guests the reward of blissful seclusion whilst still boasting an array of fun activities and day tours. Staying in an overwater villa affords the opportunity to scuba-dive and snorkel directly in the shallow waters steps from your villa, which is great for beginners and younger divers. The resort is also situated in a prime location to take advantage of diving trips to the outer Navula Barrier Reef where the underwater world shines most brightly.

5. Great Astrolabe Reef


Taking the scuba-diving world by storm for decades, the Great Astrolabe Reef has blown away even the most advanced and experienced divers. Regarded as one of the world’s top diving spots and the fourth largest, the diversity of marine life and coral structures is more varied here than anywhere in the archipelago. Located on Kadavu island, the 100km long diving expanse benefits from the fact that it is one of the least visited islands of Fiji.

Due to its remote nature, dive experiences are exceptionally clear and natural formations remain undisturbed. Decorating the striking underwater scenes, marine life spotted here includes reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, barracudas, hammerheads and many many species of fish.


Eagle Rock

Reigning supreme as one of the Great Astrolabe Reef’s most famous dives, the site offers a mixture of pinnacles, narrow swim-throughs, rugged walls and rocky seabeds. As well as a display of eagle rays and large schools of fish, it is the beautiful hard corals that really make this diving site one to remember.


Alacrity Rocks

Offering a playground of misshapen arches, tunnels and basins, navigate the beauty of this site in something of an underwater obstacle course. The astonishing shadows of light as they filter through the darkness of the reef creates prime photo opportunities and an atmospheric dive to say the least.

What’s on offer:

  • 4-34m depth
  • Beginners to advanced divers
  • 25 to 32 degrees celsius
  • Coral structures, reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, whales

Located approximately 100km south of Suva, the largest metropolitan city in Fiji, it’s the perfect base from which to soak up the beauty of the Great Astrolabe Reef and then return to the energy of this area of Fiji. The Grand Pacific Hotel is one of Suva’s oldest residences, renowned for its range of dining options with six different venues.

If you’re a diving enthusiast or you’re eager to have your first diving experience, Fiji’s offering of diving sites is vast and diverse — there really is something for every ability and every interest.


Let’s Go Diving! The Best Places to Dive in the Cook Island

Love diving? Of course you do! That’s why you’re reading this blog. You want to find the best places to go scuba diving on the breath-taking Cook Islands in the South Pacific. With the information pollution online today, making the right choices can seem impossible. That’s why we at Asian Paradises have done the homework for you. So, let’s take a look at the best places to dive in the Cook Islands, according to our careful research!


The Cook Islands is a dreamy location set against a cinematic background. It’s love at first sight for divers from all around the world who travel here for some peace, quiet, and of course, epic underwater action. But – before booking a dive, there are a couple of facts you should know about. The island is circled by gorgeous coral reefs, underneath which you’ll find deep oceanic bliss.

The 15 Cook Islands cover around 93 square miles, spread across 850,000 square miles of sea. Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities to make unforgettable memories under the sea!

Rarotonga is the area’s primary activity centre, with a range of dive centres and resorts. Apart from various airports, restaurants, and accommodation opportunities for every budget, you’ll also find easy and beginner-friendly diving excursions in and around Rarotonga.

Seeing as the island is nestled within a protected lagoon, you’re safe to explore the ocean freely. Currents can be swift at the passes, so some experience may be required. Rarotonga is home to around 40 dive sites, with numerous drop-offs, caves, famous shipwrecks, and exquisite coral gardens that have to be seen to be believed.

Aitutaki is another popular diving location on the Cook Islands, with a stunning reef profile in the lagoon and at the passes. Divers come here to enjoy a more relaxing and intimate diving experience. Aitutaki is the less-visited diving area of the Islands, but it’s not one to be missed.

With the chance to encounter spectacular humpback whales passing by during autumn and summer, avid divers can’t visit this part of the world without checking Aitutaki off their bucket list. From rare sharks to eagle rays, oceanic manta rays, barracuda, snappers, and fusiliers, you’ll be blessed with must-see sights when diving in the Cook Islands. You’re guaranteed a colourful adventure with a visual feast of every colour under the rainbow!


The Best Sites to Dive in the Cook Islands


The Mataora: A popular wreck sunk especially for divers in 1990 as a stunning artificial reef. This 45m ship has weathered its fair share of tropical cyclones, and today lies at around 18m below sea level.

Black Rock: Massive coral plates and delicately hued walls give divers a warm welcome. Explore all the creatures Aitutaki has to offer, from green turtles to fish, bass, and more.

Edna’s Anchor: Divers from all around the world love to explore this sandy reef sitting at 22m. A dynamic drop-off plummets to over 65m, bringing you up close and personal with cute reef characters you won’t believe exist in real life.

Bluewater Diving: Diving in crystal-clear blue waters like these feels like a dream come true. You’ll explore deep off-shore waters peppered with Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). These floating objects are deeply-anchored, attracting various fish big and small.

Avaavaroa Passage: Perfect for the more experienced diver, this adventure course of strong elements and endless excitement is the perfect place to spot white tip reef sharks. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter the odd grey reef shark from April to August – a magnificent sight to behold. You’ll also likely catch eagle rays, massive morays, and turtles cruising along.


If you lack prior experience, we strongly recommend you take an underwater course to prepare you for everything you’ll be seeing and doing underwater in the Cook Islands. If you’re considering capturing some ocean snaps, consider an underwater photography course online. Both ideas will be well worth your time and money, so you can embark on this exciting adventure with confidence.

When to Go

While the Islands are blessed with an abundance of sunshine all year round, the rainy season is from November to March – even though these months have some of the hottest days of the year. Be sure to check the weather forecasts before booking your trip! Rest assured that you’re almost guaranteed great visibility in the Cook Islands, as well as incredible water temperatures of 24-27ºC. With an average air temperature of 27ºC throughout the year, the Cook Islands really are like a slice of paradise on Earth.

Where to Stay

Asian Paradises has partnered with the Cook Island’s most luxurious and super-friendly hotels offering the personal touch to guests from all over the world. If you’re considering booking a diving trip for a few days and are looking for the best places to stay, here are our personal favourites:



Now that you know the best places to explore the ocean in the Cook Islands, it’s time to get booking! Asian Paradises is the only Australian travel publication to have maintained such high service standards. We dig deep to source the best hotels to partner with on your behalf. Oh, and best of all, we don’t take commission from bookings, meaning our clients save big time!

When you book your diving excursions through Asian Paradises, you won’t be treated like a number on booking-websites-that-shall-not-be-named. We greet our guests, old and new, like personal friends, taking pride in introducing you to our trusted hotel partners and tour operators. These people are also dear friends of ours.


Excited to join the Asian Paradises inner-circle? Make your first booking today!


Welcome to The Paradise of The Cook Islands

A place where time stands still so you can enjoy an unparalleled experience. Formed of 15 islands and atolls scattered over two million square kilometres off the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find the Cook Islands in the Polynesian triangle, so named due to its connecting points of Hawaii, New Zealand and the Easter Island.

When you visit the Cook Islands you’ll want to make sure you check out the two main hubs; Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Rarotonga International Airport is where you’ll touch down and begin to be blown away by the mesmerising natural beauty around you. Where one minute you’re admiring sparkling white beaches and aquamarine lagoons and the next it’s lush green fields and vast mountainous peaks. Put the wind in your sails with endless experiences to choose from, diving deep underwater or delving further into the lush tropical landscape.

Avarua is the main town on Rarotonga and the capital of the Cook Islands. This is where you’ll find a great selection of shops, cafes and restaurants and a laid-back vibe that is quite contagious. You’ll also find the main market Punanga Nui Market as well as the island’s twin harbours and a host of cultural sights to explore.

Sister island to Rarotonga, Aitutaki is the Cook Islands’ answer to your romantic dreams. Translating to “a little paradise”, you’ll have access to one of the most beautiful lagoons and begin to understand why this destination has proved so popular with honeymooners. Trust us, you won’t get sick of these tranquil surroundings.

34380409Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort

Pay a visit to the more remote northern Cook Islands, Manihiki, Rakahanga and Tongareva, the very places where the treasured Avaiki pearl lies. Translating to ‘spiritual homeland’, there is a story of rich heritage and determination etched into every Avaiki pearl which is why these islands are well worth exploring.

The Cook Islands offer more than just their heavenly aesthetic — you’ll find plenty of activities and experiences to craft your ideal itinerary. Snorkel and kayak in the crystal clear waters, go hiking in the dense rainforests of Rarotonga, hire a moped to explore the islands, or try a spot of whale-watching off the coast of the warm South Pacific waters. Lagoon cruises are a great choice on your visit to the Cook Islands and are available on two of the world’s most beautiful lagoons, Muri Lagoon on Rarotonga and the world famous Aitutaki Lagoon.To fully experience the beauty and enchantment of Aitutaki, there’s no better way than taking a 6 hour Vaka cruise along the lagoons where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views and a relaxing atmosphere. If water activities are your thing, the Cook Islands are perfect. Whatever kind of holiday you desire, the Cook Islands has it all.

35398316The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium

From first-class hotels and resorts to backpacker accommodation and even family friendly resorts and self-catering villas and bungalows, the Cook Islands offer stunning stays for every kind of budget. All of the major inhabited islands can be reached by flying Air Rarotonga and there are more than three daily flights between the main hubs, Rarotonga and Aitutaki.


Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is the youngest, the most diverse and the grandest of all the Hawaiian islands.

Aptly nicknamed “The Big Island” it is larger than all the other islands put together. It’s a land of amazing contrasts with lush rainforests, monolithic cliffs, spectacular ocean vistas, white, black and even green sand beaches, plunging waterfalls, deserts, plains and active volcanoes.

First discovered more than a millennium ago, the Island of Hawaii is where Polynesian mythology says Madame Pele, goddess of fire, dwells. She is said to live in the firepot of Halemaumau in Kilauea crater on the slopes of Mauna Loa, from where she actively pours new lava almost daily.

Hilo is the seat of government and near it are rainforests and black lava rocks hugging a serrated shoreline that is expanding thanks to Kilauea Volcano, the world’s most active volcano.

Volcanoes National Park is best accessed from Hilo. You can safely explore lava tubes and hiking trails around this amazing site. Nearby is Punaluu Beach Park with picturesque black sand beaches. North of Hilo the highway snakes between mountains and sea to Waipi`o Valley and Waimea through kilometres of fields where sugarcane once grew. Hidden amongst the mountains are a multitude of waterfalls including the impressive Akaka Falls.

A must is a visit to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden where you can see more than 2000 species of tropical plants. Across the island, near Kawaihae, is Heiau, built by King Kamehameha, which is now an historical site.

In Waimea, the Parker Ranch’s historic homes house a magnificent collection of Italian and French period pieces and more than a hundred original paintings by masters such as Renoir and Degas. In this region you can learn about a different side of Hawaii that is also home to paniolos, or Hawaiian cowboys. Lapakahi State Historical Park, north of Kawaihae, was once an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. A short drive from the park is King Kamehameha’s birthplace and Mookini Luakini Heiau believed to have been constructed about 480 AD.

The Kohala Coast is home to magnificent resorts with breathtaking views of lava flows. Anaehoomalu Bay, with its picture postcard beach, curves between the shallow bay and an ancient Hawaiian fishpond once used by royalty. Once home to Hawaiian royalty, Kailua-Kona is now a vibrant resort and shopping precinct with a rich cultural heritage. It is also a great base from which to explore Kona coffee country and the unique Painted Church where columns form the trunks of painted palm trees.

The Island of Hawaii produces 39 percent of the world’s macadamia nuts and Kona is the only place in the US where gourmet coffee is grown commercially. It also has the world’s largest anthurium and orchid flower industries. There are 20 golf courses on the Big Island, many with green fairways carved from ancient lava fields. Activities include fishing for marlin, a helicopter or small plane ride over red flowing lava and diving at night with giant manta rays.

Getting around the Island of Hawaii is convenient and easy. The most popular mode of transport for international visitors is to hire a car and explore the island at leisure. There are also bus tours, shuttles and taxis.

There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation on the Island of Hawaii. From charming bed and breakfasts to hotels, condominiums, lodges and five-star resorts, there’s something to suit every traveller and budget.


Palau Royal Resort

Along the east coast of Malakal Island, famed for spectacular dive sites teeming with aquatic life, sits the luxurious Palau Royal Resort.

On its own private beach, this resort offers world class service and facilities spread across 30,000 square feet of property.

The resort offers 157 elegant guestrooms and suites designed with comfort in mind. Each is equipped with modern facilities and amenities including airconditioning, ceiling fans, safety deposit box, flat screen LCD television, telephone and a private balcony overlooking the ocean and Rock Islands.

Revitalise and relax

A wide range of facilities are available, including a gym, children’s game room, table tennis, billiards, putter golf field, tennis court, dive shop, private dock, and a lagoon with tropical fish. Revitalise and relax with breathtaking views of crystal blue water and enjoy snorkelling and kayaking on the resort’s private beach.

Within the hotel, guests can take time to rejuvenate at the famous Mandara Spa, where only essential oils and treatment creams of the highest purity and quality are used. An assortment of relaxing massage treatments are available in one of the private tranquil treatment rooms onsite featuring spectacular ocean views.

The resort also features a gift shop, that specialises in local Palauan items and handicrafts, as well as jewellery, apparel, food and beverages. Other facilities include an internet library, travel and tour desk, taxi service, complimentary laundry room, 24-hour security and car parking. For business travellers, special services are available such as meeting rooms that cater to both small large events. There is also a full-service centre complete with audio / visual equipment for hire.

Sumptous cuisine

Waves all-day dining restaurant offers guests hearty and sumptuous international cuisine with uninterrupted views of the Rock Islands. Also available is an array of delectable homemade pastries and treats. Inside the restaurant is Coral Bar where guest can unwind and enjoy an intimate ambience along with a wide range of wines, spirits and cocktails. Outside, the Breeze Bar, situated by the ocean is a place to enjoy a retreat of casual wining and dining with light snacks and beverages under the moonlight.

Experience the luxury of modern facilities and delight in Palau’s pristine and untouched nature at Palau Royal Resort, an ideal place to enjoy a well deserved vacation for the whole family.

Palau Royal Resort

P.O. Box 10108, Palau,
Tel: 680 488 2000
Fax: 680 488 6688
Email: [email protected]



Guam Plaza Resort & Spa

In the heart of Tumon, Guam Plaza Resort & Spa offers a selection of modern rooms complemented with five-star service and facilities.

Locally owned, the resort was opened in 1983 and has since expanded to include retail shops, restaurants and a water theme park.

Conveniently located in Tumon, the resort offers easy access to the beach plus a range of shops, bars and restaurants.

The resort offers exceptional value for money with a selection of cosy, modern rooms, equipped with everything needed to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Families will especially appreciate the child friendly rooms. In room amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, a mini-fridge, safety deposit box, telephone and television.

Guests will delight in the vast dining options available at the resort. Perfectly located on the beach, Sails BBQ offers a sumptuous breakfast menu and in the evening, is the best place for outdoor grilling. Each table is fitted with a pit of burning coals and a platter of quality seafood and meats, plus a salad bar and all-you can drink draft beer.

The perfect place for a romantic lunch or dinner, Nana’s Café is located on the oceanfront of beautiful Tumon Bay. The interior is decorated with the cool colours of Guam’s tropical waters and sea life motifs.

Rootz Hill’s Grillhouse has an openkitchen concept where you can watch an orchestra of chefs create mouthwatering dishes at the robata grill, teppanyaki grill, pizza oven and the chef ’s work table. The new Café at Rootz, located in the lobby offers light meals and refreshments.

At Tarzana it’s all about convenience with grab-and-go meals including chicken and rice curry bowl, bento boxed lunch, hot dogs, fresh salads and fruit bowls, assorted sandwiches, chips and beverages.

Relax and refresh while sipping your favourite drink at Kumukumu Coconut Bar next to the swimming pool and surrounded by lush gardens.

For further indulgence, sit back and luxuriate in the pampering of well trained therapists at Spa Bali. The spa features an array of authentic Balinesestyle massages and wellness treatments.

The resort’s Tarza Water Theme Park offers fun for the whole family with a range of slides and pools plus a lazy river. Package deals with accommodation and waterpark passes are available for added value.

Guam Plaza Resort & Spa

1328 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, Guam 96913
Tel: +671 646-7803-8
Email: [email protected]



Hotel Nikko Guam

Discover a tranquil and unique paradise with breathtaking views of the Pacific at Hotel Nikko Guam.

Affordable luxury

This international-style, deluxe resort is perfectly nestled between Tumon Bay and Gun Beach and accommodates all types of travellers.

With spacious, lush grounds, Hotel Nikko Guam is constructed in a magnificent wing-shape, with an open-air lobby that offers a beautiful, panoramic view of the turquoise sea.

There are 460 modern rooms to choose from, each offering a private balcony with an ocean view. Modern conveniences include complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you connected and cable TV is available for your entertainment. Extra-spacious suites are located on the top floor and boast the luxury of a separate living area.

Relax and indulge

Spend your days doing as little or as much as you choose. Relax by the pool, head to the beach, or indulge and enjoy pampering at the spa with a selection of massages, beauty treatments and facials.

For those who wish to sightsee and take on outside activities, the hotel is perfectly located to enjoy the best Guam has to offer. Discover a vibrant, underwater world with snorkelling and diving. Choose from activities including kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, gokarts, biking and hiking to name a few.

There is an excellent range of leisure facilities, which includes Spa Ayualam, a swimming pool, kid’s pool, water slide, and kid’s playroom.

Guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining. Choose from a variety of restaurants and take your taste buds on a trip around the world. Toh Lee offers Chinese cuisine and a weekly, Friday night buffet with panoramic ocean views. Benkay is located in the lobby and features Japanese favourites, including a sushi bar. Head to Magellan for a sumptuous buffet spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy light bites and beverages at the Fountain Lobby Lounge, or relax with a refreshing drink at the Bougainvillea Pool Bar. The breathtaking view of the sunset is not to be missed at the Sunset Beach Barbecue.

If you are looking for a venue to host a wedding, graduation, birthday, pool party, meeting or seminar, Hotel Nikko Guam offers the perfect event and conference facilities.

With breathtaking views and unprecedented hospitality, there’s no place like Hotel Nikko Guam.

Hotel Nikko Guam

245 Gun Beach Road Tumon, Guam 96913
Tel: +671 649-8815 x 7500
Email: [email protected]



Is the Maldives a family destination?

Famed for its crystalline waters and soft sandy shores, the Maldives is widely regarded as one of the top romantic destinations in the world. However, in recent years, this tropical nation has reinvented itself as quite the family destination. Offering sociable activities, all-inclusive packages and an abundance of sea life in a pristine and safe location, this once-in-a-lifetime island environment offers a space for children to be free and immerse themselves in the inspiring programmes and outdoor activities available.

For a stunning location and an unforgettable family travel experience, we’ve reviewed some fantastic family resorts and hotels in the Maldives.


Robinson Club Noonu, Noonu Atoll

Robinson Club Noonu, Noonu Atoll

Offering an all-inclusive package with three restaurants and two bars, Robinson Club Noonu boasts a free kids club and playground, as well as availability for supervised childcare at the Roby Club. For slightly older children, there are plenty of excursions to keep them occupied; try snorkelling, lagoon kayaking, dolphin hunting or boat tours, or how about a plethora of social games at the bar to wind down in the evenings.

Best Features

  • Family room: a sea view villa with plunge pool, two terraces, 24-hour room service, air-conditioning and WiFi
  • Underwater experiences
  • Free pack for infants and all-day childcare for 3-12 year olds
  • 20 minutes from Malé Airport

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Emboodhu Finolhu

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Emboodhu Finolhu

With 64 beautiful ocean-view villas and suites to choose from, this luxury resort is certainly lavish, located in one of the largest coral-rich lagoons in the Maldives. The service here is impeccable, with child-friendly staff catering to every unique need and desire for you and your children during your stay. If you want some time for your own adventures, child-minding services are readily available. Offering a kids club and various water sports, Taj Exotica is probably one of the most convenient resorts to access, with transfer available from

Malé Airport via private ferry, but it certainly comes with a hefty price tag.

Best Features

  • Offers ‘Taj Kids’, a fun learning program based on adventure and discovery
  • Close to public beach
  • On-site activities include windsurfing, canoeing and volleyball
  • Cribs and babysitting available
  • 40 minutes from Malé Airport

Cocoon Maldives, Ookolhufinolhu, Lhaviyani Atoll

Cocoon Maldives, Ookolhufinolhu, Lhaviyani Atoll

Often recalled as one of the best family resorts and the first design hotel in the Maldives, Cocoon Maldives offers child-friendly accommodation without compromising on the luxury factor. Allow your children to spend their days building sandcastles and enjoying the beauty of the beach with direct access from the 100-square-metre Family Beach Villa. Staff are attentive to your needs with a 24/7 service ensuring a memorable trip for the whole family. The resort’s Cultural Club makes it easy for both you and your children to make the most out of the wide array of activities available; from dolphin cruises and island tours to daily entertainment in the form of a live band, disco and Maldivian cultural show. This is affordable luxury at its best in the Maldives.

Best Features

  • Dedicated kids club
  • Safe location with no other resorts nearby
  • Children’s pool
  • 30 minute seaplane ride from Malé Airport

Sun Island Resort & Spa, South Ari Atoll

Sun Island Resort & Spa, South Ari Atoll

Formed of 462 stylishly furnished rooms, the Sun Island Resort & Spa is the largest resort in the Maldives. Extremely good value, there are an assortment of facilities to meet every possible desire and nine dining options to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. Enjoy daily excursions, from whale-shark watching to diving trips to following the mesmerising dolphins on their travels.

Accomodation-wise, the Sun Villas are perfect for small families, with 28-square-metres of space, with a large garden area and sun beds. Hidden in the dense foliage of the resort, it’s great for those seeking privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.

Best Features

  • Children’s playground
  • Babysitting/child services
  • Nature-friendly initiatives for the whole family get involved in
  • 17 minute seaplane ride from Malé Airport

Reethi Faru Resort, Filaidhoo Raa Atoll

Reethi Faru Resort, Filaidhoo Raa Atoll

Offering a more secluded option in the Maldives, but still exceedingly spacious, Reethi Faru Resort is both a romantic spot and a family friendly stay. Whilst younger children are wholly welcome, children over twelve-years-old will surely create unforgettable memories and have the trip of a lifetime here, owing to the variety of designated kids activities; paddle-boarding, sunset dolphin trips, private snorkelling trips and a whole host of other excursions to direct their energy towards. With two family-oriented villas on offer, ranging from 126 to 147-square-metres, each is meticulously designed to cater for the needs of both adults and children.

Best Features

  • Family-friendly accommodation
  • Babysitting and equipment available
  • Children’s menus in restaurants
  • 45 minute seaplane or 20 minute domestic flight

Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Dhaalu Atoll

Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Dhaalu Atoll

Grow accustomed to the daily flow of dolphins swimming by and gloriously vibrant sunsets here at Niyama. The island offers the kind of calm and wellbeing you should feel when spending time with your family, so guests can enjoy relaxation and a wide selection of activities. Split into two adjoining islands; Chill Island and Play Island, the first focuses more on solitude and the second on a wonderful dedication to the enjoyment of spending time together. The Family Beach Pool Villa provides an oasis that leads onto a charming soft-sand beach where your children can while the day away rollicking in the sun, as well as enjoy a private family-sized plunge pool.

Best Features

  • Unique kids club timetable for each age group
  • Surf lessons for children 8+
  • The ability to switch between Chill and Play islands
  • 45 minutes by seaplane from Malé Airport

Hideway Beach Resort & SPA, Dhonakulhi, Haa Alifu Atoll

Hideway Beach Resort & SPA, Dhonakulhi, Haa Alifu Atoll

A playground for children and adults alike, Hideaway offers the best of both worlds with a wide range of excursions and activities available. True to its name, this is about as remote as the Maldives resorts get. At this resort you’ll be able to open your child’s eyes to the wonders of the Maldives; go dolphin spotting, snorkelling with turtles or take a trip in the penguin semi-submarine. With a watersports centre and a kids club, Hideaway seems to be one of the best resorts in the Maldives, ensuring your children are having the holiday of a lifetime. The two-bedroom family villa with pool offers an abundance of space and privacy – 575-square-metres to be exact, with an infinity pool and amazingly close proximity to the white sandy beach.

Best Features

  • Children’s splash pool
  • Water sports centre and park
  • Spacious villas
  • 50 minutes by seaplane from Malé Airport

For 7 nights for a family of 4: £2355

Bandos Maldives, Banos Island

Bandos Maldives, Banos Island

Earning a reputation as the island of hospitality, you’ll certainly feel wholly catered for at Bandos. Every experience and excursion that is put together for guests all seek to allow you to live the Maldivian lifestyle to the fullest and discover the true magic of the Maldives. From island hopping, sunset dolphin cruises and water sports for parents to a kids club that offers arts and crafts, cooking lessons and treasure hunting for the children, Bandos makes your holiday as carefree and memorable as possible.

Best Features

  • Free stay for 2 kids
  • Kids club
  • Dive centre
  • Babysitting services
  • 20 minute speed boat transfer from Malé Airport

Who knew the Maldives were so family-friendly? Gone are the days when the atolls were regarded solely as a couples destination; we’ve found that the Maldives is a place that offers endless opportunities for exploring, learning and having fun, all in a safe and mesmerisingly beautiful location. Whilst some are more affordable than others, all of them allow you to experience the surreal nature of the Maldives, and create memories you’ll look back on for years to come.


Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Discover an oasis of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Waikiki Beach.

The brand-new, vibrant ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor luxury to elevate your holiday experience in Oahu. Every space has been envisioned by the awardwinning design firm, Rockwell Group.

Chic guestrooms blend contemporary design and modern amenities with locally inspired elements, for spaces that reflect the natural beauty of Hawaii. Suites additionally offer extra space with an expansive living room and separate bedroom.

Relax and unwind at Swell Pool & Bar. This trendsetting destination is a poolside experience unlike any other with its stunning and expansive fifth-floor pool deck and saltwater infinity pool overlooking the famous Waikiki Beach.

Take a seat by the outdoor pool bar, stretch out on one of the tiered day beds, be immersed in the contemporary-style of the custom teak furniture and driftwood sculptures, lights, lanterns and glowing fire pits. For the ultimate in poolside luxury, reserve one of the five private cabanas.

The stylish pool bar and lounge, Swell Bar offers stunning views and a seamless transition from afternoon bites and drinks to an evening venue featuring live, local music.

World-renowned dining

When it comes to dinning, be spoiled for choice. ‘Alohilani serves up some of Waikiki’s best restaurants offering two restaurants conceived by internationally acclaimed Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto. Signature restaurant, Morimoto Asia features Chef Morimoto’s world-renowned dishes integrating Western and traditional Asian ingredients.

Momosan Waikiki provides a more casual dining experience with yakitori, ramen and sake along with small plates for lunch and dinner and an outdoor beer garden.

The resort offers guests complimentary access to the exceptional Island Club and Spa located on-site for an incomparable fitness experience. Work out with stateof- the-art equiptment, enjoy a game of tennis on the outdoor rooftop courts, or pamper yourself at the spa. Indulge with a massage, facial or a beauty treatment in one of the private cabanas, for a truly memorable spa experience.

From meetings and social events to romantic Hawaii weddings, ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach also brings the best of the islands to every gathering. With on-site, professional convention services managers and freshly redesigned Hawaii facilities, your next destination event will be seamless and memorable.

Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

2490 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu,
Hawaii 96815 USA
Tel: + 1 808 922 1233
Email: [email protected]



Ho’Olei at grand wailea

Discover a blissful, breezy retreat on Maui’s southern shore at Ho’olei at Grand Wailea.

Set in the exclusive Wailea Resort area, Ho’olei at Grand Wailea is a gated community offering sophisticated and luxurious villas that blend the outstanding amenities of the oceanfront resort with the charm of tropical residences for the ultimate home-away-from-home.

Ranging from 3,200-4,000 square-feet, the resort’s large, lavish, two-storey villas are offered in three different layouts to accommodate longer stays, families and groups. Designed for the ultimate comfort and convenience, each unit offers a state-of-the-art kitchen with an eating area, custom cabinetry, stone floors, vaulted ceilings, a spacious living area with luxurious furnishings and amazing private lanai areas. Guests also enjoy the benefit of a dedicated concierge, a private elevator, laundry room, central airconditioning and attached garage.

The master bathroom boasts a deep soaking tub and separate shower while the other two bedrooms have their own full bath.

The lavish pool area with its sandy beach entry and the modern, wellequipped gym with cardiovascular and weight training equipment as well as men’s and women’s saunas, showcase the resort’s close attention to detail with the pavilion contributing to the community feel.

Ho’olei guests have full privileges at the Grand Wailea Resort’s restaurants, shops and spa accessible by a complimentary shuttle. Choose between Polynesian-style cuisine, classic favourites or a gourmet sandwich and coffee from the wide choice of venues at the resort.

When it’s time to play, the resort’s nine pools with slides, swings and river canyons offer unlimited entertainment for all. Camp Grande offers organised fun activities for teens and children and is also a great place for kids to meet others their own age.

The on-site Maui Ocean Activities centre or concierge can arrange a range of exciting activities from snorkelling to biking down a volcano. Hawaii’s largest spa, Spa Grande, is also located at the resort with treatments infused with Hawaiian ingredients and healing wisdom, perfect for a rejuvenating indulgence.

Enjoy the good life at Ho’olei at Grand Wailea. A sunny, temperate climate, luxurious, five-star villas, fine food, fun and pampering ensuring a fun-filled, relaxing holiday.

Ho’olei at Grand Wailea

146 Ho’olei Circle Wailea,
Maui HAWAII 96753
Tel: 877 324 7088
Email: [email protected]