Activities in Central Vietnam

Visitors have a lot of options for sight-seeing in Central Vietnam. You must visit the Tan Ky House which was constructed two centuries back by an indigenous Vietnamese family. This spectacular house, surviving seven generations, is extremely well-maintained and reflects elements of Chinese and Japanese architecture on the exterior.

Japanese BridgeYou could also visit the โ€˜Japanese Covered Bridgeโ€™ which is a pretty little bridge and a symbol of Hoi An. Constructed in the 1590s, the bridge is known for its ornamentation. Weathered statues (monkeys and dogs) guard the entrances of the bridge.

Cycling is the ideal way to explore the beautiful Vietnam scenery. A very popular cycling tour starts from Hanoi and goes into the central highlands. It finally ends on the Ho Chi Minh City coast.

For a unique kind of entertainment experience, you could also visit the Dive Bar, quoted as the top bar in Hoi An. The bar has a brilliant vibe with modern electronic tunes playing in the backdrop. You can relax in the lounge-style sofas and have fun at the pool table, cocktail garden or the pub grub.

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Central Vietnam’s Cuisine

The Hue Imperial dishes might be dominating the Central Vietnamese cuisine, but there is still quite a lot to discover with regards to the food in Central Vietnam. The cuisine of Central Vietnam is spicy and strongly flavored and very different from the food of the North, which is primarily influenced by the Chinese cuisine.

Some of the most popular dishes of Central Vietnam include Banh Ep, which appear like tiny balls of dough in the uncooked form with barbecued pork bits. A griddle is used to flatten them and the dish is accompanied with some fried shallots and fresh scallions before serving.

Banh Beo, Vietnamese CuisineBanh Beo is a popular street snack. When travelling to Central Vietnam, you will notice piles of empty bowls stacked on top of each other in various corners. These are used for serving Banh Beo which are steamed sticky rice cakes with ingredients made with pork rinds and shrimp.

Exploring Central Vietnam

Danang is the fastest changing region in Central Vietnam. For several decades, it has been a local backwater. However, it is undergoing a lot of changes quite rapidly. While walking along the Han riverfront, you will notice stunning new contemporary hotels, restaurants and apartments coming up.

Han River Bridge in Da nang, VietnamIn addition to this, various new bridges can also be seen adorning the Han River. The northern side of Danang has the D-City landmark poking out of the flatlands. If you go down south, you will find that the whole of the China Beach line has been allocated for the development of 5-star hotels. Also, 2012 saw the opening of a renovated international airport in Danang.

If youโ€™re interested in taking day trips, Danang serves as a fabulous base for it. It is included in a long-stretching thin peninsula. Nui Son Tra or the Monkey Mountain rests at the north tip of this peninsula. The south side of Danang has the famous China Beach as well as the 5 Marble Mountains.