Explore Macau

The most famous landmark in Macau is the St. Paul Cathedral. Strategically positioned atop one of the seven hills in the island, this ancient cathedral is a spectacular sight itself despite its ruined state with its detailed carvings making an indelible impression. Don’t forget to throw in a coin through the top window to get some good luck coming your way.

Nearby is the Monte Forte, the oldest fort in Macau. This World Heritage Site was a stronghold for defense during the Dutch invasions in the 17thcentury. If you want a panoramic view of the city, this is perhaps one of the best spots to visit.

To get a feel of the real Macau, the Inner Harbor is the best location you could choose. With its bustling activity, unlimited shopping options and sightseeing opportunities, you can truly experience the island here at its best.

The first Portuguese residential area, the Lilau Square is another must-see place both for its charming atmosphere and architecture and its natural spring waters. For the spiritually inclined, the A-Ma-Gao temple (which gave Macau its name) and the Lin-Fung temple are both good places to stop at. For those inclined more towards the spirits, Macau has a Wine Museum too!