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Hypnotic sunsets

The Maldives is situated off the west coast of India and is often described as one of the most beautiful places on earth. This 1,200-island archipelago that forms this majestic atoll is spread over 90,000sq kms that makes it one of the most dispersed countries in the world.

Male is the capital of the Maldives and this particular island is only about two kms long and one km wide. Approximately 90,000 people are crammed on this tiny metropolis and it’s the most populated island in the Maldives.  The Muslim religion dominates this culture and they abide by strict rules. Male is the only island in the atoll where alcohol is illegal and forbidden (including any hotel).

Beachfront restaurant
Magical Maldives

Uncrowded sparkling beach
Romantic Maldives

My destination in the Maldives was The Sheraton Full Moon Resort, which is located about 15 minutes by boat from the airport island and compared to most Maldivian islands is quite large. This exquisite resort is set in lush landscaped gardens that one would liken to the “Garden of Eden”. The resort has a variety of accommodation ranging from beach cottages, beach front deluxe rooms, water bungalows, water villas, water suites and ocean villas that come with their own plunge pools and decks (that have hammocks and day beds included). The ocean villas back onto the Indian Ocean, which on most days has perfect waves breaking right outside your back door. If you love surfing, the ocean villas are the perfect accommodation option. Ideal for honeymooners or couples that just want to get away from it all.

Beautiful small waves outside your room

The beauty and charm of The Sheraton Full Moon Resort is what made me fall in love with this place. The highlight (and there were many for me) was the white sandy beach and the perfect temperature of the clear blue water. There were times when I could’ve stayed in the water all day and only returned to land due to my appetite calling, which mind you is quite often. The choice of activities available on the island is vast, ranging from high-octane activities that include big game fishing, scuba diving and surfing to just lazing around the beach on a banana lounge under an umbrella or a day bed or at one of the many moorish eateries available.

One daily activity I did religiously (besides lazing on the beach) was make my way to the Anchorage Bar (where day beds are strategically placed on a large deck by the waters edge) to participate in the 6 o’clock evening feed of the baby sharks and sting rays. With the kaleidoscope of colours emanating from the glorious sunsets, it made this daily ritual a must do activity.

Maldives serenity

Spending time in the Maldives means many hours of being exposed to the extreme but glorious heat of the tropics, as most, if not all activities are watersports and therefore outdoor based. So to regenerate the body and soul, an indulgent highlight of the Sheraton is a beauty, health and wellness spa called The Shine Spa. To access the spa, you need to stroll down a long, quaint wooden walkway that crosses over the Maldives famous turquoise waters where brightly coloured tropical fish swim by. This walkway takes you to a very a small island dedicated for The Shine Spa. It’s the island’s version of the yellow brick road…

Walkway to Shine Spa

An extensive menu and wide variety of spa treatments are available and all you have to do is layback and enjoy…


Deep sea fishing

Scuba Diving




Table Tennis

Tai Chi and Yoga



Massage and spa



Sand coast…International cuisine

Bhan Thai…Thai cuisine

Sea Salt…seafood and steak

Anchorage Bar…snack bar

Feast…Main buffet restaurant available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

24hr room service available


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Sunscreen, swimsuit, hat, a book are a must and most importantly ensure you are prepared to experience a holiday you will never forget!

When swimming at the beach, ensure that you share the water with the baby sharks and stingrays as they majestically and harmlessly glide by.


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Photography and words Kelly Tang

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