Amazing Rare Island In The Pacific (And How To Get There)

Because we specialize in exotic destinations, we feel like it’s our duty to bring you coverage of the most beautiful places, in the most tucked away locations in the world. Today, we’ve found an amazing one. Yes, we’ve been there.

Somewhere between New Zealand and Australia sits a small island only home to 800 people at a time. Rising out of the ocean from a volcano in a previous lifetime, this island is home to some of the most stunning views on the planet.

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Lord Howe Island looks like something from Lord Of The Rings, and it very well could be.


To visit, you’ll need a good tour guide, and the right person to help you book accommodations. Surprisingly, there are some great places to stay on the remote island. Specifically, Pinetree Lodge, Ocean View Holiday Apartments are great.

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But if you know where to go, this can be the most unforgettable vacation you’ve ever taken.

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You’ll see sites here that not many people on earth get a chance to look at, and photos just don’t do them justice.

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If you ever get the chance, visit this mysterious wonderland set off the coast of Australia, you’ll never regret it. find out more information about where we specialize in holidays on our website.

fiji suva destination

5 Stunning Places in Fiji You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on what some consider the most exotic destination in the Pacific. Land to intoxicating beauty, untouched beaches and the most beautiful water in the world, Fiji always impresses. Today check out these 5 places there that you’ve probably never seen before.

  1. Suva

fiji suva destination

Suva is the capital of Fiji and is very accessible to other parts of the world. It’s a bit more progressive than the rest of Fiji, so stay here when you are looking to let your hair down and have a good time.

  1. Coral Coast, Fiji

fiji coral coast destination

The Coral Coast was one of the first places in Fiji to be developed for tourism and it’s obvious why. With unmatched beauty, this area is home to some of the most breathtaking scenes in the world. Add watching waves break onto a reef to that, and we’re sold.

  1. Denarau

fiji denarau destination

One of the smaller private island paradises around Fiji, Denarau offers exclusivity that’s unmatched. Private cruises, scuba diving and watersports are all available here at your finger tips. This is my personal favorite place in Fiji!

  1. Mamanucas Islands

fiji mamanucas islands destination

These are located off the main Fiji islands, and are home to one of the most exotic vacation destinations in the world. Staying here is like you’ve arrived at your post-apocalyptic paradise hideaway. The prices are reasonable too!

  1. Taveuni

fiji_tavenui paradises tavenui view

Taveuni is the third largest island in Fiji, and one of the most beautiful. Regular holiday travelers to Fiji choose Taveuni to stay at because of it’s quiet mood and tucked away location. Enjoy all of the amazing spots in Taveuni at your disposal.
There you have it, 5 places you probably didn’t know existed in the middle of the pacific ocean. What’s great is that Fiji is affordable, family friendly and probably the most beautiful place you can visit on earth. To see more amazing holiday locations, explore all of our destinations!

palau pacific development inc

Pacific Development Inc.

palau pacific development inc

PDi Saipan provides an ideal way to discover the natural beauty, relaxing atmosphere, and warm island-style hospitality of Saipan, Tinian and Rota renown for its rich flora and fauna, historical sites and beautiful beaches.

A pioneer company in the CNMI’s tourism industry for over 30 years, PDi Saipan provides excellent services and offers an authentic and personal experience where you are invited to discover the nature, history, culture and welcoming people of these spectacular islands.

Discover paradise

You can choose or develop a personal tour designed around your interests and level of adventure. PDi also provides tours to English, Chinese, Korean and other international groups as well. Choose from overnight or day tour packages to Tinian and Rota, diving the grotto, snorkelling around the coral gardens or visiting the WWII sites. PDi Saipan can reserve hotel rooms for various hotels in Saipan, Tinian and Rota and can conveniently handle air transfer arrangements. PDi can also accommodate special requests such as local-style weddings, and local dance performances and provides services to visiting cruise ships as well as ships that want to visit the island of Pagan and Maug the last of the northern island frontiers.

PDi Saipan works closely with the local community to promote the unique local culture in CNMI, and also caters for cultural and school exchanges, homestay programs and have been taking care of WWII veterans and families since 1991. For an authentic island experience learning about the Chamorro and Carolinian culture, look no further than PDi Saipan.

For more information, log on to

hawaii done tours

DONE Tours Hawaii

hawaii done tours

Aloha and welcome to DONE Tours Hawaii.

Unique personalised tours

Renowned for highly entertaining, interactive and knowledgeable tours, DONE Tours Hawaii offers unique private and personalised tour services in Oahu. DONE Tours is unlike any other tour company, with tours that are especially customised for you allowing you to truly enjoy Hawaii at your own pace. Never mind the hustle and bustle of group tours, let DONE Tours show you their island the way they see it…stunningly gorgeous. Local passionate guides Experience Hawaii’s rich culture and history with extremely knowledgeable, professional staff who are ready to embark on an adventure. Local guides are passionate about their island home, and passionate about their guests.

Embark on an adventure

Perhaps you’d like to start the day as most of the locals do, with a nice stand-up paddle session, or embark on a hiking adventure to a secret waterfall location or Diamond Head for gorgeous views over Honolulu, Makapu’u and its stunning cliffs. Enjoy a snorkelling adventure and see some Hawaiian turtles, tropical fish, beautiful reefs, and maybe a dolphin or two. When you come back to land, cruise the North Shore for some good eats and great culture. Private airport transfers are also available. Let professional staff greet you and your loved ones with a flower lei and escort you directly to your hotel without the hassle of stopping at 20 different hotels.

For more information, log on to


Paradises Gives Away Free Week Holiday To Hawaii

As you might have heard via email or social media, we’ve got an awesome giveaway happening. It’s a free holiday to Hawaii! We believe life is about the journey, and who you take that journey with. With that in mind, here’s the details and how to register below! Good luck!


Six (6) Complimentary Room Nights including daily breakfast buffet in a Partial Ocean View Category

*Valid July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. Based on single/double occupancy. Subject to availability. Blackout dates may apply.


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Speedboat on the beach at sunset time

The Best Holiday You’ve Ever Been On

Peter here from I’m pleased to announce that we’re launching our blog today. Our partners and friends are a group of vibrant friendly people and our goal is to communicate our passion for travel, excitement for exotic locations and relentless quest for quality services. You can always find all of those things here.

happy young couple have fun on beach is a combination of my top choice locations around the Asia / Pacific region and the value adding experience. If you’ve ever been on a holiday that had a life changing experience, that’s our mission as a brand. There’s something special about going on a trip like I’m describing.

It’s All About The People You’re With

Over the years, this has been the most important recurring theme of a great holiday somewhere. So think of who you’d have the best time with, and plan your adventure with them. You’ll find that any place you go is much better with great people around you.

Unexpected Adventures

The most memorable holidays were one’s where I’ve encountered something unexpected and gone with it. Whether it’s a local eatery with exquisite cuisine, or the long way to a resort that takes you off the beaten path, they’re both unforgettable. Make sure to prepare your mindset to be open to unexpected adventures.

happy couple taking selfie

Unexpected Adventures

The most memorable holidays were one’s where I’ve encountered something unexpected and gone with it. Whether it’s a local eatery with exquisite cuisine, or the long way to a resort that takes you off the beaten path, they’re both unforgettable. Make sure to prepare your mindset to be open to unexpected adventures.

blog kayaking woman the sea kayak canoeing

Seeing A different World

The world is amazing, and discovering all of the different places in it is the most enjoyable part of it. Each time I go into a new area of the world, I take a piece of it with me. A piece of it’s culture, people, and tradition. What I’ve found is that the common theme running through culture is kindness.

Group of young people holding hands on beach

Unforgettable Atmosphere

This is something that most adventure seekers miss. Atmosphere is critical for my style of holiday. On the site, and in our offers, you’ll see some of the most amazing styles and natural atmosphere. We love a good fire, common area, view, and journey. Look out for those on the site.

Speedboat on the beach at sunset time.

We’re happy to share our adventure with you, and as we discover new locations and resorts, we’ll share them with you.

Only Awesome Experiences

Our promise to you is to recommend awesome experiences throughout our area of the world, and to do that, we only partner with brands that share our vision for travel and adventure.

Things To Look Forward To


Our auction site is coming up and will be the best place to find affordable holidays around the world.

Free Holidays!

Our promotions department is always giving away amazing vacations so look out for those in the upcoming weeks.

Personal Recommendations

We’ve been to a lot of places, and since we have a taste for quality, we’re going to be recommending you the best holidays. Like our social media pages to get all of our recommendations.


In Love Again

To all my regular and guests, with winter arriving in Australia I hope you can get away to your favourite Asian or Pacific holiday destination and ‘fall in love again”.



LM paradises

Winter Sydney

To all my regulars and guests. Hope you all had a very relaxing Easter and wishing you all many Pacific and Asian paradise holidays while wearing the latest gorgeous Lisa Maree creations.

We’re getting a little ‘fruity’ here at Lisa Maree with our latest collection!

I created my current collection “Immortal Creatures” using neutrals. Basic black and white featured, in light of the fact that we will be moving onto colours such as Wine, Magenta and Browns for Fall (Autumn). And with transitioning into those cooler months, even though I am a sun chaser and like to follow warmth around the globe living my endless Summer, I’m offering up a few tips for winter dressing as the days start to cool off for you!

My key winter dressing tips are:

– Firstly, turn all of your favourite summer dresses into winter outfits by adding tights and boots, save your pennies for a holiday!

– Then wear a legging underneath your stockings/tights, it darkens the stocking and incredibly makes your legs look thinner!

– Turn your maxi dresses into a skirt by wearing a jumper/t-shirt over the top, you’ll achieve a versatile and effortlessly chic style.

– Wear your dressiest dress with a baseball/trucker cap and converse(sneakers), tie a jacket around your waist and you’ll be able to make most of your night-time dresses day appropriate and chic.

– Layer, layer, layer! By layering your clothes you can create your own runway moment. Add a scarf or a beanie under your fedora to complete the look.

Stay Warm!

Lisa Maree xx

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m dolphins large 1

Dolphins Pacific – Undersea Wonders


Palau is known for its undersea wonders and Dolphin Bay is nestled amongst beautiful rock islands just minutes via boat from the main town of Koror.

Dolphins Pacific’s philosophy has three major aims – environmental education, a facility where everyone can have fun and to develop tourism in Palau. The centre believes in the importance of environmental education and the facility provides world-class educational lectures for the children of Palau that are incorporated in school programs.

With tourism the main industry in Palau, new ventures are vital to its economy and the dolphin centre hopes to attract even more tourists through its wide-ranging programs. There are several opportunities to learn about and interact with the dolphins including diving with them in their natural habitat.

The Close Encounter is approximately a one-hour program that includes an educational tour of Dolphin Bay with a lecture about the ecology of dolphins and the importance of preserving the environment. Guests will be directed to a platform where they will begin interacting with the dolphins.

Dolphin dives allow you to enjoy the magnificent underwater wonders of Palau with dolphins, using a scuba tank. Dolphin lovers can even be married at a one-of-a-kind ceremony at Emerald Lagoon. The staff will arrange various dolphin performances for you and your friends to celebrate your special day.

Dolphins Pacific invites you into their world – a world of wonder and learning with these playful mammals.

For more information, log on to




Words and photos Kelly Tang

Stunning sunsets

I’m one of those people that listen to a song for the first time and sometimes don’t get it. If I listen to it a few more times it grows on me and I soon realise how great the song really is. This falls into other categories of my life such as travel. On occasions I’ve arrived at a destination only to have been disappointed at how much I dislike it, only to reassess a day or two later and utterly fall in love with the place.

Crowds milling waiting to be transported to island

This happened recently on a trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines. This island is nominated regularly in the top islands to visit in the world. Well that rating in the first hour of my arrival wouldn’t have made the top 100 as we were herded around like cattle on arrival.

Golden Boracay

From the terminal we were taken to a minivan for a short drive to a marina where we were put into holding pens until we were corralled onto a ferry for a short twenty-minute cruise to Boracay Island. Then if that wasn’t frustrating enough we then had to bide our time after disembarking in extreme heat till a tuk tuk was arranged to take us to our hotel.

Sailing boats Boracay beach

(Some of the more up-market hotels offer a service where they seamlessly pick you up from the airport and your journey is a pleasurable experience compared to the average tourist).

While I’m on a rant you also have to pay three separate fees for the privilege of this discomfort and they are: a landing fee, transport from the airport to the marina fee and then a fee for the transport to your hotel. A one off payment for all these of 400 Pesos ($10AUS) can be paid on the plane. It is advisable to do this as it alleviates the inconvenience of making three separate payments.

Colourful serene sunsets

After settling in to my beachfront hotel I walked the thirty metres to the beach and was only accosted with offers of a massage and a island hopping sailing tour half a dozen times. There was however a saving grace, the sand was as white as per the brochure and diving into the aqua sparkling ocean bought respite.

Paraw sailing boats main beach

If I had to describe my first impressions of Boracay it would be a combination of Paddy Markets meets Pitt Street. The crowds of tourists were enormous.

I was overwhelmed by the crowds but as the warm afternoon lingered a kaleidoscope of colours started filling the sky. Mixed in with the many sailing boats near the shore ensured Boracay was now beginning to resemble the paradise I was promised. The first sunset I witnessed was as stunning as I’ve ever seen.

Crowded but awesome

The main beach (named white beach for obvious reasons) is where you will spend most of your time and there is so much going on here: watching competition frisbee football, walking, sailing, swimming and sunbaking.

Coconut palms and sailing boats

The night was an eye opener as there is immense competition for your patronage. The choice of where to eat and what bar to drink at is enormous as most hotels set up eating areas on the beach outside their properties. There is just so much happening and the air is abuzz with live music and DJ’s playing their thumping music. It’s crowded, but the longer you’re there the more normal it becomes and its not long before you get into the island groove and the crowds soon become part of the scenery and appear quite normal.


The main beach is divided into three stations: Number One station is the place to stay as it is where the majority of bars restaurants and cafes are.  Stations two and three are all very well positioned just slightly further away from the action. There is a huge array of accommodation available in Boracay catering for all budgets.

Deserted beaches Boracay

I stayed on Boracay Island for four nights and the longer I stayed the more I started to love the place. There is so much to do and one thing I would advise anyone who visits the Island is to hire a boat and do a tour of the island. As crowded as the main beach is the other side of the island is the exact opposite. There are glorious palm fringed beaches and this is an ideal place to spend some time if crowds are not your thing.

First impressions were that I would never come back. After four days, I didn’t want to leave!


 1. Island Hopping

Hire a boat for a half-day tour around the island’s many beaches including Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, and Tambisaan Beach. Tours usually include lunch!

Secluded bays and inlets Boracay Island

2. Scuba diving

There are over 15 dive sites around Boracay.  A good mix of corals, underwater tunnels, caves, and other interesting spots!

 3. Parasailing

 Speedboat off Bulabog Beach and then soar high above the island! Get a fantastic view while you’re at it.

Parasailing Boracay beach

 4. Paraw sailing

Sailing old school! A paraw is an outrigger boat with two sails. Get onboard, control it and let the wind take you to the best sites and sights around the island. Best done during sunset.

5. Standup Paddling

You don’t need to be a skilled surfer to maneuver a standup paddleboard. “White Beach’s placid and shallow waters on a fine day make this activity perfect for beginners.”

Blissful quite morning

6. Cliff Diving

Ariel’s Point has five cliff diving platforms and is a favourite for the adventurous. The highest at 13 metres and the lower ones are at 7, 6, 5 and 3 metres

Paraw sailing boats

7. ATV Ride

Drive to the island’s highest peak, Mt. Luho, great fun

8. Food Trip:

Great variety of food available especially the seafood

 9. Sunset watching;

 Some of the greatest sunsets I’ve seen

 How to get there and accommodation information:

 The Travel Café Bondi

 02 9130 1345








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